🕵🏻‍♂️ Unearthing opportunities in the App Sumo ecosystem

Last week we took a deep dive into the world of AppSumo. Now it’s time to look at concrete opportunities that exist right now.

We analyzed all popular products that were advertised during the past three months which left its users disappointed. Each of them represents a validated opportunity you can create a successful business around. In each case, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, just execute better.

You can find dozens of promising opportunities in our dataset:

But to give you some inspiration, we've analyze the data ourselves and here are the most promising opportunities we found.

Help entrepreneurs give feedback on creative content

Two pillars of online entrepreneurship are code and creative content that’s used as marketing material or helps users interact with the code in question.

Entrepreneurs typically work at the intersection of these two worlds. They need to collaborate with designers and coders, give feedback and eventually approve that a given task has been completed successfully.

And for code, there’s GitHub. It allows users to collaborate on projects, give feedback on code changes, and approve new versions of a project.

But what’s the equivalent for creative content?

While it’s certainly possible to collaborate directly in tools like Figma this is far from ideal as there are many viable tools and each requires a steep learning curve. Hence it would be desirable to have a single platform dedicated to feedback on creative content, analogous to how GitHub can be used no matter what programming language is being used.

The success of Quick Review on the AppSumo store validates that there’s a need for this kind of software. Completely analogous to what GitHub does for code, it allows users to share files, add comments, and approve or reject feedback on videos, HTML, PDFs, and images directly from the web browser. Additionally, it’s possible to compare versions and revisions side by side to ensure all requested changes are made.

But while many users love the idea of using a software that does all this, many were not satisfied with Quick Review’s solution.

  • They promised that it will be possible to use your own branding (“whitelabel feature”) which, however, is still not working.
  • The UI is slow and confusing, even though these two factors clearly should be the main priority. It should be easy to get new team members up to speed and review projects quickly. Otherwise, just using email and Microsoft Paint might be faster and more convenient.
  • Also quite a few users complain that each member needs a separate premium account or otherwise will be restricted to a 100 MB usage limit. Another related issue is that there’s a 100mb size limit on import documents even if 100 GB or more is available in the account.

So if users are willing to use Quick Review despite these shortcomings, just imagine what would happen if you’d offer a product without them.  

Make sure to study competitors like PageProof, ReviewStudio, and Ziflow before you decide to enter the market. But don’t get discouraged by them since if there’s one thing we learned from our AppSumo deep dive it’s that cheap products with solid basic features can get a lot of traction even if far more professional competitors exist.

Accelerate Video Content Creation

As mentioned in our deep dive, marketers love anything that will help them save time.

So it’s not surprising that many of them bought lifetime access to Multimedia5 which promises to make it much easier to create short videos for social media. Videos that are optimized for social platforms usually consist of images or video footage that runs in the background and dynamic text on top of it.

Of course, these kinds of videos can be created using professional (and expensive) tools like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X. But this not only requires a lot of expertise but is also quite labor-intensive.

Instead of offering a fully-featured video editing suite, Multimedia5 focuses on just one type of video and its value proposition is that you can create them in minutes not hours.

To that end they offer templates, access to millions of stock photos, videos, and soundtracks plus advertise that an “advanced AI” helps to automate video editing.

Now while many App Sumolings were convinced by these arguments, there’s still a lot of room for improvement.

  • The software is quite buggy and crashes often.
  • Rendering videos is extremely slow which is exactly what should be avoided at all costs since users of Multimedia5 are primarily interested in saving time.
  • The AI is slow and produces far from satisfying results. For example, one task that can be delegated to the AI is to highlight important parts in a given text. However, it often seems to highlight just random words or even parts of words which makes little sense.  

Competitors you should study are Wibbitz, Wave.video (another AppSumo deal that did spectacularly well) and Veed. Also if you want to include an “AI” feature (which you definitely should since it’s one of the main selling arguments for Multimedia5) make sure to check the libraries available at Huggingface.

Tools to Grow a YouTube Channel

Getting attention on YouTube is extremely tough so many creators are happy to pay for tools that help to increase their success chances.

SocialBook Builder is a Chrome extension that promises just that. It offers many features like a thumbnail creator tool, tag recommendations, trend alerts, and competitor tracking.

However, it probably would’ve been better if they’d focused on just one or two features instead of trying to provide an all-in-one-platform. Here’s what users complain about:

  • Most features barely work as advertised. The trend alerts often do not make sense, the thumbnails don’t look great and can’t be downloaded if you want to use them elsewhere, and the keyword tool is missing essential features like showing where you rank for a given keyword.
  • Many users bought a lifetime code on App Sumo solely to use the competitor analysis feature only to discover that this is only possible if you buy additional credits.
  • The UX and customer support are far from ideal.

Given that there’s clearly a huge interest in a tool that tracks competitors, launching an affordable tool that does just that seems like a great opportunity. Relevant competitors are VidIQ and TubeBuddy which both, like SocialBook, are all-in-one platforms.  

Additional Deals with Room for Improvements


Pain Points:

“I won't be able to use it on multiple websites without sending users to VideoPeel's website. I contacted their support asking about the Cname feature and when it will be available. I was shocked to know that we can only have 1 Cname setup.”
“I recorded multiple videos, front and back facing camera with an iPhone 11 Pro. And sadly the video quality, once saved on their server, is downsized to 480 x 360. I mean, what year is it? 2002?”
“I tried the app with some test videos and no way to add "tags" to my videos, no way to create a functioning "Plugin", therefore no way to integrate the video on my website.... and then no way to delete the recorded videos (despite it's indicated in here that it has been "fixed")”
“The customization options are slim. For example, you can customize the header color, but not any fonts, sizes, or placement (left, center, right). And, you can't customize the background of the campaign color.”

Hashtags For Likes

Pain Points:

“The data they give is very shallow and I don't really find 'word count' vs likes useful. I don't even know how they are related, why do we need this piece of data, I'm not quite sure”
“Not only does the app not work as expected. The error messages are getting ridiculous "There has been an unusual amount of traffic on your account. Please try again in 5 hours!!!!!"”
“I was really excited for this deal and purchased two codes but so far the user experience has been horrible! I have had zero success performing any sort of hashtag or profile search and constantly get this error message: Sorry! We are experiencing difficulty, our team has been notified, please try again later.”


Pain Points:

“The service is basically a "black box". The only control you have over it is with your scheduler. It picks what it wants to send, and it sends it. It's up to you to go edit the message via your SMMS. If you delete a post because it doesn't fit, there's not an easy way to say "go ahead and give me another". You just wait and hope tomorrow's posts are better aligned.”
“The article/blog/share quality hasn't been as high as I'd hoped for manually curated. I'm not seeing much of a quality increase over the peer-to-peer curation networks.”
“I think the major thing is I can't swap out articles, browse and find things I want, or really modify anytihing on Quuu's end (again, black box), but I do think that the upcoming plans to have the ability to browse, vote, and submit content will help fully round out this offering.”

Cloud Social

Pain Points:

“there is no way to change emails, roles, even staff's role/email, its like they are all set in stone once u hit enter.”
“I purchased cloud social and could not connect Facebook or Instagram. Continued to get a message that says App Not Setup: This app is still in development mode, and you don't have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions. I submitted a ticket and did not get a response. Looks like this one is a bad purchase.”
“Interface is clunky, UX is terrible, hard to find things around, UI has extremely basic problems, editing users is not possible, adding them to roles is ludicrous and an extra bunch of issues that I am not paid as a beta tester to be revealing for free.”
“t is terrible in the UX department, terms used to label things are confusing, its near impossible to easily add a company or client, the whole experience is terrible. I cannot even get my first stuff added to actually try and use it, the whole thing just makes me mad and I close it out.”

Warm Welcome

Pain Points:

“When team members use your account (via their own login), they will send everything through your profile. 😬 Meaning every single video gets sent as you, the main account holder. 🙄 That's not team functionality. That's fancy account sharing.”
“On other video apps, like Loom or Zoom, allow me to choose the camera and microphone within the app. Warm Welcome does not. Warm Welcome doesn’t even work with the default camera and mic chosen in the browser. Any browser. I have the same issue with them all.”
“Basically, the tool is only useful for your own personal brand and nothing more because any video responses received through the account, only you have access to it.”


Pain Points:

“It is not really a great tool. Very difficult to actually adjust once you have added predefined block.”
“A very simple thing you can accomplish with other similar products such as import a landing page, here is a nightmare, just impossible. Is very frustrating because they have absolutely beautiful designs in their webpage but when you import them to your site comes broke always.”
“Tried to edit ready-made templates on which I spent hours and still couldn't make it work as the live editor is buggy and is not showing as I edit. Lack of customer support and I just wasted my time and money on this plugin.”

Insignal Boost

Pain Points:

“1 - Speed - it took my highly optimised e-commerce website from a 2 second load time to a 12-15 second load time.

2 - Playback - the skip non-action thing is kind of clunky, took a while to skip through videos properly

3 - Security - no option to hide what people are typing. On any website, let alone e-commerce, this creates a serious risk to GDPR and CCPA without a doubt.

4 - IP blocking - there's no IP address blocking. Especially at this time with everyone working remotely, my 8 team members are constantly on and off my site. There's no way for me to determine who is who when analysing videos so my data is already poor from the outset.”
“ I find out in my test that Insignal also records the customer's card information! - The most sensitive information when shopping on the Internet. - This is why you use a redeemer and do not want to handle this data yourself. - I doubt that ANY companies will have that responsibility - It breaks ALL GDPR rules”


Pain Points:

“Vidthere is a product I expect from a decade ago. The UI is uninspired and largely a carbon copy of their other platforms, just reskinned and rehashed for whatever is currently trending in the LTD space. The UX is just silly...if I create a meeting, I get the same features as if I created a Webinar. Pure laziness.”
“Poor features. Poor Design. Poor LTV. Overpriced. Don't be fooled. Skip this and wait for the next half-decent Webinar platform that you have to actually splash cash for it to be GREAT.”
“There are other glitches with screen-sharing where you also need to refresh the browser to fix them not to mention the awful resolution. You can't read the words most of the time.”

Contact In Bio

Pain Points:

“the program keep bringing me to the select template even though I have selected the template and I cannot proceed any further because it is an endless loop!”
“This app brings back the classic look of Windows 95. Things like button overlaping with text box, and some clickable link/buttons are just plain text. And the menu's text are like font size 6. And most elements on the screen not aligned. Preview wont work either even after I pressed save. I need to toggle the preview off and on again to see changes. Also couldn't find a way to reduce the size of its brobdingnagian button's border/frame.”
“Please adjust the clunky feeling you get from navigating within the app and make it easier to get to each section of the landing page.”


Pain Points:

“I bought 3 codes as suggested to get this so call "LIGHT BRANDING" and like I thought it makes no difference from getting one code. It's as bright as day and I could only imagine how bright the branding is just by getting one code. One taco for false advertising AND trying to market yourselves on your PAYING customers marketing campaigns.”
“My only current issues are around the non-obvious nature of Video with Sound. The site suggests it exists and you would think you would be able to have sound on with a click or some other way. I can embed, I can insert links but I cannot get sound to play.”“So I figure, 1000 plays would be close to the number of unique opens right? Well, this is far from true. Based on an email I sent to 9000+ longtime subscribers, the system says there were 145 unique viewers, but 312 billable plays! That is more than a 2-1 ratio that we will get charged for and eat up through the credits we have been assigned, so the 10 videos/mo limit will never be reached because you will have blown through your 1000 credits after only 3-4 videos/emails.”
Please do share with your friends. I spent 5+ hours on this so it would be nice if a few people read it.

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