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All the background knowledge you need

The Idea Maze Operating System is my private knowledge base that contains everything you need to know about business ideation and will guide you along the way.

With ideas, it's almost like with electromagnetic waves. We're surrounded by them, but if we're not tuning into them (e.g. by using a radio), we're not receiving them. Hence, it's essential to spend some time learning about different ideation methods and frameworks.

Think about it this way. Each framework and strategy you learn gives you the ability to receive a new idea frequency. Once you've learned just a handful of them, you'll start to see opportunities everywhere.

But the dozens of articles that teach you the most important ideation strategies and frameworks are just one (admittedly important part) of the Idea Maze Operating System.

Inside you'll also find:

  • Curated questions that will help you evaluate different ideas.
  • Actionable prompts you can use to brainstorm business ideas and develop an ideation habit.
  • A customizable dashboard to keep track of your ideas.

You'll also learn:

  • Why it's essential to protect your ideas.
  • Which filters you need to get rid of.
  • The 5 methods for validating ideas.
  • Essential mental models and analogies like the idea maze, idea faucet, and the trough of sorrow.
  • And much, much more, as we're regularly updating the Idea Maze Operating System with new content and tools.

Better Ideas Challenge

There are infinite opportunities to build profitable businesses thanks to the internet.

And still, most people canโ€™t even list 5 business ideas let alone a good one.

Coming up with ideas is a skill anyone can learn.

I want to teach you in less than 5 hours what took me hundreds of hours to figure out.

The goal is simple. Together weโ€™ll rewire your brain so youโ€™ll be able to come up with ideas and spot business opportunities effortlessly.

With ideas, itโ€™s really like with radio frequencies. Once you have the necessary tools to tune in to receive them, the music starts playing everywhere you go.

This is the resource I wished had existed when I started my entrepreneurial journey.

The Better Ideas challenge consists of 15 exercises that will be sent to your inbox over the next 15 days after you sign up.

Each email also contains a short lesson that will equip you with the necessary background knowledge.

In total, you will need around 20 minutes per day for the lesson and exercises.

After this 15-day challenge, your ability to come up with profitable business ideas will improve significantly.

Business Idea and Pain Points Database

You also get access to a carefully curated database of hundreds of business ideas waiting for some proper execution.

Additionally, we're collecting interesting pain points that are waiting to be solved by savvy entrepreneurs in a private database.

Admittedly, it's quite unlikely that someone else will hand you a perfect business idea. Product-founder fit is incredibly important, and you'll probably need an infinite stream of business ideas before you find one that makes sense given your personal background, skills, and interests.

For this reason, we'll also give you everything you need to start hunting for opportunities yourself.

Here's what else you'll get.

Under the Radar


Under the Radar is my proprietary trendspotting service.

Every day the algorithms and my assistants are working hard to uncover trends poised to skyrocket so that you can pounce on emerging opportunities before anyone else.

After all, building a business is so much easier when you're riding a wave or when you strap yourself to someone else's rocket.

Micro SaaS Data

You will also get access to exclusive datasets that yu can use them, for example, to find poorly executed but popular SaaS products.

Coming up with innovative ideas is hard and time-consuming. But luckily, oftentimes you donโ€™t need to reinvent the wheel, just execute better.

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One-time payment: $159.98 $79.99

While the resources mentioned above already may seem like a lot, rest assured that we're just getting started. I'm commited to making this bundle the #1 resource for anyone looking for business ideas. And if you buy the bundle today, you'll also get access to everything I will add in the future.

A community to discuss ideas, share strategies and find collaborators, courses that will teach you how to validate ideas and tools that will help you build MVPs rapidly are just a few examples of what I have on the roadmap.

Naturally, I will raise prices as I'm adding more and more resources, but as an early member you'll never pay more than what you paid today.

To summarize:

total value: $450+

One-time payment: $159.98 $79.99

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send me a message.



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