📈 Opportunities inspired by the fastest-growing indie hacker products

  • Studying what works for other indie hackers is one of the best ways to find realistic, profitable business ideas.
  • Many indie hackers share exactly how they did it which makes it much easier to replicate their success.
  • The idea is not to clone successful products (that probably won't work anyway) but to "rip, pivot, and jam".
  • Rip: Study a successful business and copy their business model.
    Pivot: Apply the business model to another industry or vertical.
    Jam: Hustle to get customers.
  • Or as Bruce Lee puts it: "Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add what is essentially your own."

Morning Brew for X

The Signal

Revenue growth of The Peak newsletter


  • Morning Brew is one of the biggest newsletter success stories. They reached 2M+ subscribers in record time and are generating $20M in yearly revenue.
  • They offer a daily 5-minute digest of the most important business news.
  • Subscriptions are free and money comes in through ads in the daily email.
  • An interesting related indie hacker product is The Peak which describes itself as the "Morning Brew for Canada".
  • While Morning Brew focuses on the US, The Peak offers a daily digest of "the top Canadian business news".


Niche Accountability Groups

The Signal

Revenue Growth of dip.chat


  • dip.chat offers accountability groups for developers.
  • Users pay $25 to get access to a Telegram group with 5 other developers.
  • Every member of a given group is required to post a daily short progress update. If they miss an update, they have to pay a $5 penalty.
  • Not just the revenue graph looks very healthy, but also the fact that there are currently no free slots available in any of the drip.chat groups indicates that there's a lot of demand.
  • Dickie Bush's Ship 30 for 30 started similarly as an accountability group matchmaking service but for writers and has so far generated $100k+ in revenue.
  • Lots of people expressed their interest when Shaan Puri recently tweeted about his personal accountability coach.
  • Commit Action is a service that offers dedicated accountability coaches for $299/month and is generating $1M+ per year.
  • I personally think that dip.chat's peer group model is better than an accountability coach because there's also a realistic chance you'll make friends and find allies in the group (if the matchmaking is done right).


  • Offer accountability groups for any other niche, e.g. newsletter authors.
  • Look at how dip.chat niches down in all kinds of directions (e.g. Founders making $0-$1000, Crypto Devs, etc.). Then brainstorm what this could look like for your niche.

    For example:
    Newsletter authors with 0-1000 subscribers.
    Newsletter authors writing about crypto

    (If you start this for newsletter writers, send me a message. I'd love to join one of the groups.)
  • Study how Joe Previte managed to find his first users and how Dickie Bush grew Ship 30 for 30 so incredibly fast.

Unlocking communication channels

The Signal

Revenue growth of the WASender Plugin


  • Apparently, "nobody reads emails in India and WhatsApp has a 100% engagement rate".
  • Biju (the founder of the WASender Plugin) discovered this fact when almost no one showed up for one of his paid workshops. When he called some of the no-shows afterward, he learned that they simply didn't read the reminder email for the workshop.
  • When he sent the reminder for his next workshop via WhatsApp far more people actually showed up.
  • At first WASender was just an Excel macro that simplifies the process of sending WhatsApp messages to multiple recipients. This solution wasn't particularly great as it requires lots of back-and-forth communication to set it up properly.
  • Since then, it has evolved into an easy-to-use Chrome extension with 10,000+ users that's currently at $4k MRR.


  • What other communication channels could be unlocked for businesses? Is there any channel that people in the country you're living in prefer over email?
  • If the answer is also WhatsApp, brainstorm if it would make sense to build a WASender alternative that's tailor-made for your home market.  
  • Then study how Biju managed to acquire his first customers by reaching out to friends.

Niche Business of the Week

  • HowToStartAnLLC.com ranks #1 on Google for, well, "how to start an LLC" which is getting 14,000+ searches per month.
Source: UnderTheRadar.io
  • As the name suggests, the site offers detailed guides on how to start an LLC in different US states.
  • It is rumored that it generates north of $3M per year in revenue through affiliate links to LLC formation services.

(h/t SiroCapital)

I hope you enjoyed this report. If you have a minute, please respond and let me know what you think.



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