Microplastic, the Rugged Landscapes Framework, and First Payouts


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📈 Microplastic

  • Microplastics has recently been found in human blood for the first time.
  • This means that these particles can travel around the body. The impact on health is as yet unknown.
  • But many researchers are concerned that microplastics cause damage to human cells.
  • Avoiding microplastics is an incredibly tough challenge. Especially for babies: baby bottles, teats, cutlery, toys, you name it - almost everything is made from plastic.
  • Now regardless of what your stance on the issue is, there are obviously huge related business opportunities.
  • A while ago I wrote about FUDwear, a term used to describe brands that take advantage of people's fears. (FUD = Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt.)
  • Many people are willing to pay for premium solutions or reliable information just to be on the safer side of things.
  • Product opportunities include "glass or titanium bottles, 100% cotton or wool clothing (not mixed % nylon, synthetic), organic meat, vegetable, and goods without plastic food packaging".
  • Here's a list of questions people commonly ask about the topic and here's a database with detailed information on related keywords if you want to dive in deeper.

🎯 The Rugged Landscapes Framework

  • The key idea of the rugged landscapes framework is that a market is not a single mountain to climb, it is, well, a rugged landscape.
  • Most importantly, the landscape isn’t static. It is constantly shifting. Mountains of profit grow or shrink.
  • Companies navigate the mountain by changing their coordinates on the X and Z competitive axis.
  • This is in contrast to the more common view that considers markets as a stacked bar where companies divide portions of the available revenue.
  • For example, currently Facebook is the king of a specific mountain of profitability in the landscape of digital advertising, defined by its unique targeting options.
  • Companies like Twitter never really had a chance to compete at this game. But this doesn't mean that there aren't other mountains they could conquer.
  • Evan Armstrong wrote an excellent analysis of Twitter's advertising model and future strategy options using the rugged landscape framework.
  • I think simply mapping out the landscape your business is operating in (especially figuring out what the key axes are) is a really useful exercise, even if you're not operating at Twitter's or Facebook's scale.
  • A related idea I wrote about recently is how Dan Bilzerian succeeded at poker by choosing a different kind of mountain of profitability.
  • Instead of trying to compete at the biggest tournaments, he decided to focus on getting into private games with rich people. What matters far more than pure poker skills if you want to climb that mountain, is becoming the kind of person that gets invited to these kinds of games.

📚 Resources

  • I recently discovered this cool collection of people celebrating the first earnings of internet businesses. It's super inspiring to see how now highly successful people got started and also to see the multitude of ways you can earn money online.
  • My favorite newsletter to stay on top of what's happening in the creator economy is John Bardos' Idea Economy. There's always at least one golden nugget in every single issue.

💡 Ideas and Pain Points

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